[AG-TECH] WebCam

Chris Kendrick kendrick at vpac.org
Tue Jun 6 23:47:51 CDT 2006


I'm specifically after a webcam to set up on my desktop machine that
will work with AG2.4 and 3.  My OS is Ubuntu 6.06 but I'm not to sure if
the AGTK has been packaged up for it yet, so will probably just dual
boot Fedora.

Is there any recommended webcams?

I've noted in the lists some webcams that people "have" had trouble

I've had a look through the www.accessgrid.org website and the list
archives but haven't found them to be very useful for finding out what
hardware is the least likely to give me a headache to get working with
the AG software.

It would be really handy if on the main www.accessgrid.org web site.
Under the "Navigation Box", there was a link "Hardware" seeing as there
is a link "Software" already there.  Or the next best thing would be a
heading on the "Documentation" Page that said something like
"Recommended hardware" or "Hardware Reviews"

Chris Kendrick

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