[AG-TECH] BridgeServer

S.Booth spb at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Thu Jun 1 03:06:15 CDT 2006

On Tue, 30 May 2006, Mike Daley wrote:

> I have been running a Bridgeserver and venue server on the same machine for a 
> while but it becomes very sluggish.

I would be interested to know if its the python part of the Bridgeserver 
or the quickbridges that are causing the sluggishness.
I guess you can tell this by looking to see if the quickbridges are 
   I have always been a bit worried by the load caused by quickbridge.
A quickbridge with no clients should not use any resources as the process 
blocks in a select call but if you are running multiple active bridges at 
the same time then you are going to get a lot of process thrashing as the
CPU switches between the bridges.
  Actually QB is written so a single process can bridge multiple streams at 
the same which might aleviate the problem a bit. It would probably not be 
too hard to write a version of QB which sets up a session on a single 
forwarding process rather than forwarding the packets directly.


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