[AG-TECH] Access Grid 3.0 beta1 available !

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon Jan 30 10:20:20 CST 2006

	How are the ports determined now so as not to conflict with one another?
	If everyone set their server up to use a manually specified range of 
ports it's likely everyone would choose something like audio:'50000' 
video:'50002' or whatever and then everyone's in the same conference - 
am I wrong about that?
	Of course, if bridging then it's not a problem, but globally for 
multicast it could be.


Jeremy Mann wrote:
> Zsolt, as for narrowing the port range used by the AG client, it has more
> to do with how the admin sets up his/her AG venueserver. If the admin sets
> it up with the default settings, the multicast UDP ports are dynamically
> assigned, so they are all over the place. The multicast and bridge unicast
> ports can be statically assigned but only if the admin chooses to do so.
> Nagykaldi, Zsolt F. (HSC) said:
>>It seems that most practical problems during implementation come from
>>firewall issues. Are you guys planning to (at least) narrow the UDP port
>>range for VIC and RAT, or maybe (in my dreams) tunnel all audio/video
>>traffic through a few number of ports that are usually open? I have been
>>networking with a lot of people who are desperate to set up their nodes
>>and they hit a brick wall every time it comes to push changes through
>>their IT departments, who are freaking out about the idea of opening ports
>>in such a wide range. More and more people would like to use the system
>>via PIGs and not necessarily big institutional nodes that require weeks,
>>if not months of negotiations and arm-twisting each time a new client is
>>added at a new location. (The AG Connector would be really helpful, except
>>it causes an ominous looping drop of all audio-video connections, as it
>>has been reported before, and it is very unreliable). Extra features in
>>v3.0 are nice, but I truly believe that the firewall/ports issue is the
>>most significant barrier to wider adoption of the Toolkit.
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