[AG-TECH] convert RTP streams

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon Jan 30 09:44:56 CST 2006


	I'm glad you like AGVCR :) At the moment there is no conversion to MPEG 
or AVI, but that *may* happen in the future.
	Conferences can be saved to a DVD and then run 'standalone' from the 
DVD by other participants. You can also edit the file to trim off junk 
data and reduce the number of streams, if needed. How to do so is in the 


	Email me off-list if you have problems.


Jeremy Mann wrote:
> Good day all. Friday we hosted an AG conference and recorded it with AGVCR
> (what a cool program). I recorded each presentation into a seperate file.
> These are anywhere from 500 MB to gigs in size. Afterwards, there was
> interest in distributing the conference to members that couldn't make it.
> Is there a way to convert these RTP streams into an AVI or MPEG file?

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