[AG-TECH] AGTK2.4 on Windows XP Pro SP2 - No Vic

Bonnett, PG (Paul) P.G.Bonnett at rl.ac.uk
Thu Jan 12 09:01:33 CST 2006


I've installed AGTK2.4 on a new, clean build of XPPro SP2, in an attempt to improve our node.
We run 1 high spec PC (Dual Opteron) which handles AGTK, Audio & Video really well (normally).
The install went as per the AG site recommendations.

I setup the VC as I have done before with AGTK2.3, installed certificates etc, however, when I launch the VC and enter a test room (or other venue) The RAT pops up, working fine, and Incoming Video opens as well, but Vic doesn't seem to launch, so I get no local video feeds or video output to the net.
No change with unicast or Multicast.
Video feeds from 4 cameras into our Winnov card are fine & card utility puts 4 lovely pictures on screen when I want it to. These 4 are mapped to the Video Producer service (0,1,2,3 go to 1,2,3,4), just like old times.

I keep switching back to the 2.3 install, that is on another partition on the PC, but can't identify anything wrong. Can anyone help? I've been looking at this for days now.

Paul Bonnett
Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL)

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