[AG-TECH] Integrating SmartBoards?

Mike Bogle m.bogle at unsw.edu.au
Tue Feb 21 21:00:26 CST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I¹ve been trawling back through the mail archives to locate discussions on
institutions/organisations that have succeeded in integrating SmartBoards
into their room nodes, but so far I haven¹t been able to find anything.

It seems that lots of people are interested in the idea, but may not have
actually done it yet ­ at least that¹s what it looked like a few years ago.
The closest I saw was Simon Fraser University (
html), however I got the impression they were running the Whiteboards along
side AG (presumably using the software and/or technology that came with the
WB¹s themselves), rather than as an integrated technology.  (Am I right?)

Since then has anyone been successful in integrating SmartBoard/Electronic
Whiteboard technology (particularly smarttech¹s stuff)?  And if so do you
have any information available on how you did it?

We¹re looking into setting up a room node at the University of New South
Wales, but have not done so yet ­ so any help/experience you might be able
to offer would be much appreciated.


Mike Bogle
Educational Development and Technology Centre
University of New South Wales
Sydney, 2052

E-mail: m.bogle at unsw.edu.au
Mobile: 0418 197 599

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