[AG-TECH] question about Audio Capture

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Tue Feb 21 17:49:07 CST 2006

G'day Drew

If I could make a suggestion, I would suggest placing the soundcard /
audio capabilities in the display machine, rather than the video capture
machine.  That way the users can make adjustments to the audio, ie,
increase someone's sound without having to switch to the video capture

Unfortunately I cannot comment on the SB Audigy, but I have personally
experienced problems with the Creative Live Sound Cards when running
Fedora Core 4.  Personally, I just use the onboard sound card and it
does the job perfectly.

Hope this helps.


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We're currently in the final stages of installing our AG node and we
some questions about audio capture. We are planning to have 1 pc (Linux)
handle Audio and Video capture is there an audio card you can recommend?

We are looking at the SB Audigy...

I've also been told that it's possible the on-board audio will be

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Drew Sandler
Institute for Theoretical Sciences
University of Notre Dame

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