[AG-TECH] Echo Cancellation hardware

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Sun Feb 19 22:09:36 CST 2006

Hi Chris,

I believe we use one of these in our lecture/visualization theatre that 
is AG enabled. Not sure of the exact make/model, but I believe it is a 
Biamp Audiaflex. I have cc'ed Todd on this as he will know more.

We are pretty happy with it, although again, Todd can comment in more 
detail. I think it has more processing capability and flexibility than 
the XAPs.


Christoph Willing wrote:
> Has anyone used the modular "Audiaflex" echo cancelling system from 
> BIAMP (http://www.biamp.com/index.php?pg=audia/index)?
> Apparently you choose various combinations of input, output, echo 
> cancelling and phone input modules to suit your needs. The salesman 
> assures me its better than an XAP400 (which he also sells) and that a 
> configuration comparable to an XAP400 is cheaper than the XAP400.
> chris

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