[AG-TECH] thanks to myk and NCSA folks

Dean W. Nobles nobles at tacc.utexas.edu
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HearHear.  We try to use multicast whenever possible, but it's not
always possible.  The availability of bridges is an enormous help.

The collaborative efforts of the folks at NCSA and at ANL are the only
reason that we've been able to participate in AccessGrid.  I generally
spin my wheels for quite a bit until someone at one of those two sites
gets me pointed in the right direction.

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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Miller and the network 
folks at NCSA for all of their efforts in identifying and solving the 
problems with the unicast bridge they run against their public venues.
public venue server and associated bridges that NCSA provides to the
Grid community are invaluable for many of the large and small events
occur. For many participants who work in extremely restrictive
behind firewalls, we have come to depend on the public servers. I know
from at least my perspective, we would have been unable to participate
many of the highly visible and important events that have taken place
the past few years if it were not for the services provided by 
NCSA.  Taking the time to track down and fix network issues is
but we all realize how important this task is.  So a huge thanks goes
to the folks at NCSA for putting forth the effort and making such a 
tremendous contribution to the Access Grid community!

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