Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 8 09:01:23 CST 2006

Communication with the ntp server is not required, it is done only
for informational purposes (to inform you if your clock is inaccurate).
We do have a feature request to make the ntp server host a
configurable option, but it is currently hard-coded in the software.

While clients are not required to use the same ntp server, they are
required to have their clocks set reasonably accurately.  Sync to your
ntp server and you should be all set.

Tom Uram

On 2/8/06 5:56 AM, carlosperezs at alumnos.uvigo.es wrote:
> Hallo,
> when i execute my Client Venue , this tries to communicate with this NTP server
> milo.mcs.anl.gov. Must I ask to my network administrator that he opens the port
> 123?
> Do the whole people that AG uses use the same NTP server?
> Can I do that the Client Venue connects to a NTP server who belongs to my
> network?
> Is it necessary that all the participants of a room use the same NTP server?
> kind regards, CArlos
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