[AG-TECH] Concurrent AG3 & AG2.4 on Fedora

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Feb 6 15:50:35 CST 2006

Hi Todd,

> I'm keen to test out the AG3.x VenueClient - and especially the 
> VenueServer but saw this on the website:
> "AccessGrid-3.0-0.beta1 RPM can not be installed on systems with earlier 
> AccessGrid RPMs"
> Is there anyway to run AG3 concurrently w/ AG2.4 on Fedora??

Not at the moment. I have to release new AGTk 2.4 and 3.0 (beta) RPMs to be 
able to have them co-installed.

The AccessGrid 2.4 RPM is a monolithic RPM which contains python packages 
like pyOpenSSL_AG which clashes with a 3.0 (beta) install. There are also 
clashes with FC5's Fedora Extras 5 python packages, so the AccessGrid 2.4 
RPM is going to get split up into multiple RPMs (much like the AGTk 3 beta 

The names of the executables under /usr/bin will have to be changed to avoid 
clashes (e.g VenueClient -> VenueClient3), similarilarly for the menu 
entries and /etc/AccessGrid dir rename to /etc/AccesssGrid3. The most 
important change is the python site-packages dir:
which might split up into something like:
The __init__.py file will probably set the sys.path variable (i.e equivalent 
of PYTHONPATH) possibly using a mechanism similar to how wxPython is able to 
have multiple versions installed at the same time. But it hasn't been 
decided yet how to do it under any linux distro. Minor modifications to 
sharedapps' code may be required to select the required AGTk version


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