[AG-TECH] Recording a musical performance.

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon Feb 6 07:36:31 CST 2006

	Hi David,

	Have you looked into the AccessGrid recording program AGVCR? On an 
average PC it handles a large number of sources without dropping 
packets. For example, on a 2.8Ghz Dell with 1GB RAM, running Windows XP, 
AGVCR CPU usage is typically in the 5% to 7% range while recording the 
NCSA Lobby.


	The only worry you may have is disk space.

	I'm giving a talk about AGVCR in the AG Townhall tomorrow, if you want 
to attend.



David Bowler wrote:
>  We are planning a musical performance linking multiple 
> locations and have the following question:  What are the 
> logistics/considerations for recording a 'performance'/event on the 
> Grid so it can be played back as a Grid event?
> I wonder if you might be kind enough to provide an answer that would 
> help us to know how realistic a proposition this is and detail such as 
> what format/s are normally used?
> Regards,
>  David Bowler
>  The University of Sheffield
>  Corporate Information & Computing Services
>  Computer Centre
>  Hounsfield Road
>  Sheffield
>  S3 7RF
>  UK
>  E-Mail d.bowler at sheffield.ac.uk
>  Tel:   (0114) 222 3087

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