Rene Salmon rsalmon at tulane.edu
Wed Dec 20 14:00:15 CST 2006


I remember having to look through the rpmbuild logs for errors for several
of the rpms when building AG from source rpms on our suse 10.1 boxes.

All the errors where incorrect paths or missing libs which can easily be
fixed by just editing the sources to point to the right place or installing
the missing libs.  

Hope this helps. I installed this a while back on 10.1 and don't remember
much more details.


On 12/20/06 12:37 PM, "Mike.W.Daley at cs.cardiff.ac.uk"
<Mike.W.Daley at cs.cardiff.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi
> I'm having trouble installing AG on a SUSE 10.2 platform. I've tried
> rebuilding the 10.1 sources but having trouble with python-ZSI module.
> Anyone got AG running on 10.2 and can give advice it would be appriciated.
> Mike
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