[AG-TECH] Access Grid Seminar

Lee Margetts Lee.Margetts at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 16:25:17 CST 2006


Colour accuracy in computer rendering and display: the opinion of a vision

Dr Marina Bloj, BOCAL - School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford

Friday, 15th December 2006, 1400-1500 UTC

Room 1.10, Kilburn Building

At the Bradford Optometry Colour and Lighting (BOCAL) Lab we use computer
rendered and displayed images to study human colour perception including
colour memory and colour constancy as well as colour and shape
interactions. In this talk I will present recent research from my lab that
focuses on establishing colour accuracy at the rendering and display stage
and ultimately attempt to answer the question if it all really matters
from the human vision point of view. Areas covered will include: spectral
rendering vs. 3 colour channels; what is the use of inter-reflections? Are
14-bit channels worth it? How do we display calibrated colour images in a
HDR display?

As a non-computer scientist I will welcome questions and insights from the
audience and their complementary areas of expertise.

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