[AG-TECH] Mobile AG advice?

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Fri Dec 8 10:59:24 CST 2006

	Hi Thad,

	We have a cart that works for polycom as well as AG. We have an LCD-TV 
on a cart along with a regular PC in a small desktop case for AG. The 
LCD-TV takes a VGA plug input. There's a camera on the cart next to the 
polycom. By using the TV remote you can switch between AG and polycom. 
Polycom is big on campus here so it was one way to provide both solutions.
	Nothing more than a PIG node really is what the cart is. There's a 
ClearOne conference 3-element microphone that we have on the cart that 
can be placed out on a meeting table if need be (it's pickup is good 
enough you can even leave it on the cart and it's fine).
	Not a lot for people to do except plug in the cord for the power strip 
in and turn it on.
	If you'd like a spec sheet and costing, let me know. I think I still 
have it around.


Thad Sze wrote:
> Does anyone out there who has put together a mobile AG solution that can 
> be deployed in offices, etc have any advice to offer?
> Particularly regarding AV equipment and sound quality. Any pitfalls to 
> avoid would also be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Thad
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