[AG-TECH] RAT in Fedora Core5

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Dec 4 19:17:54 CST 2006

Hi Piers,

> With OSS emulation (either mode) RAT should run ok on this card.
> However as far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong Doug) the
> AG-RAT-CVS (mentioned by Douglas) uses an ALSA driver which has
> trouble with the SBLive's usual ALSA mixer interface (it isn't
> currently handled properly the AG-RAT-CVS). There's a number of cards
> that also use the same ALSA kernel module: emu10k1

The AG CVS version of rat at the time I released the FC5 AG rat RPM only had 
support for the old ALSA 0.5.x API (which was incompatible with the current 
ALSA 1.x API), so no native ALSA support was built.

In the past with the AG2.4 Fedora RPMs, I was building Steve Smith's rat 
from his DARCS repository which included ALSA support (and was 64bit clean), 
but the input unfortunatelly sounded robotic. So when I went back to AG rat 
with AG3, I didn't patch it for native ALSA support.

For FC6 as an interim solution till UCL rat could be used, I patched the AG 
rat CVS repository with UCL rat's ALSA code. It probably explains why the 
FC6 AG rat no longer has the robotic sound problem with ALSA.


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