[AG-TECH] Node Services under windows

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed Apr 19 07:40:11 CDT 2006

	I thought that 'agpm.py' was for Shared Applications...

	For node services, the unpacked zip file needs to go in the 
'NodeServices' directory where the toolkit resides, i.e.

C:\Programs and Files\AGTk-2.4\NodeServices\

It's possible it may be able to go into the User's 'NodeServices' 
directory in their 'Application Data' area.


C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\AccessGrid\NodeServices

Then in order to actually use the service it must be added within the 
node configuration 'Manage My Node' and with the appropriate service 
manager, you go to 'Add Service' and it should show up.

Now it's possible that what I described was a more 'manual' 
installation.. I don't know, but it's worked for me.


Michael Braitmaier wrote:
> Bonnett, PG (Paul) schrieb:
>> Can anyone tell me how to install node services under Windows XP for 
>> AG Toolkit 2.3 or 2.4?
>> I'm trying to run AG Device Control but in their documentation it says:
>>  3. Download the node service zip 
>> <http://agcentral.org/downloads/agdevicecontrol/releases/0.5.2> from 
>> AGCentral. Install this ... however Windows users install node 
>> services???
> You use the agpm.py script from the AccessGrid program folder.
> agpm.py -z <put name of zip-file here>.zip
> This should install the service on your windows machine, assuming 
> AccessGrid has been installed in advance
> Michael

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