[AG-TECH] Node Services under windows

Bonnett, PG (Paul) P.G.Bonnett at rl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 19 04:36:33 CDT 2006

Can anyone tell me how to install node services under Windows XP for AG
Toolkit 2.3 or 2.4?
I'm trying to run AG Device Control but in their documentation it says:
 3. Download the node service zip
<http://agcentral.org/downloads/agdevicecontrol/releases/0.5.2>  from
AGCentral. Install this ... however Windows users install node
I have searched in portal, but can't find anything that seems suitable
to allow a 'non-programmer' like me to get this up and running.
Paul Bonnett
Access Grid Videoconference Support & Development
Rutherford Appleton Labs

Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX
P.Bonnett at rl.ac.uk
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