[AG-TECH] Need help with a demonstration

jski at blargh.wpi.edu jski at blargh.wpi.edu
Thu Apr 13 22:01:57 CDT 2006

April 19th, about 3:30 PM Eastern. We have a visiting delegation from the
University of Astrakhan, Russia. There are 12 people in the delegation. We
have the Rector, Vice Rector, and what appear to be the heads of their
various departments (Physics and Electronics, Biotechnology and Bio-ecology,
Linguistic and Cross Cultural Communication, World Economics, Molecular
Biology, Genetics, Management, and Chemistry).

This group is touring various schools here in Worcester and the 19th is our

We would like to show them 2-3 external sites if we could.

-- Joe

Joseph M. Krzeszewski		     Network Operations and Security
jski at wpi.edu   			     Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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