[AG-TECH] Doorbell for the grid?

Matthew Rendell matthew.rendell at flinders.edu.au
Wed Apr 12 17:44:12 CDT 2006

Here is my post about this subject to AGCentral.org a while back


I have been asked by some academics if it is possible to either through 
hardware/electronics or through software to find out some way of showing 
them onscreen (or with a light in the room) that the "talk" is active.. 
(similar to a "doorbell" type thing).  We run our AG via several 
computers and if I am on the display machine or the video machine I have 
to switch back to the audio computer to see if the "talk" is active or 

Is there any way that on the display of our own streams, that in the 
title bar at the top, that someone might be clever enough to code in 
some sort of way to show the "talk" is on..

My thought was to change the titlebar text to red, showing that it is 
"talk" active

I dont have any sort of coding skills in this area and dont really know 
how much it would involve..

does anyone have any thoughts on doing this or something with a red 
"recording" light in the room??

I think AGDevicecontrol may allow some clever clogs to code up something 
to trigger by serial a doorbell or strobelight


Matt R


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