[AG-TECH] Doorbell for the grid?

Bonnett, PG (Paul) P.G.Bonnett at rl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 12 09:45:56 CDT 2006


I'm about to start testing AG Device control

Would this not seem an obvious way to do what you want?
A device on the end of a serial port sounds like a good option to me.


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Yes, the beamline is a fairly noisy place.  Speakers turned up loud
enough for a user--who may be several feet away--to hear will likely
also have lots of static--especially in our electrically noisy
environment.  My thoughts were to couple a tone--likely a sonalert of
some sort which can be very distinctive even in noisy environments--with
a strobe.  It can be set up to "ring" occasionally rather than

I was just wondering if maybe this sort of issue has already been
resolved for cases other than the trivial ones where leaving the
"listen" button on is sufficient.


Thomas D. Uram wrote:

> Well, if the audio is on at the beamline, the remote researchers could

> just begin talking to the guys on the beamline, right?  The beamline 
> is likely a noisy environment, so this may not be heard well, but just

> as much as some tone, I would think. Maybe I'm thinking of the 
> situation differently than you are; clarify as needed.
> Tom
> On 4/12/06 8:34 AM, Brian Tieman wrote:
>> Tom,
>> But only if you looking at your email...or have your email forwarded 
>> to a pager, etc...
>> We'd like to leave an AG room open and live at an APS beamline where 
>> people will be working on equipment and not necessarily looking at 
>> computers--or at least not the computers running the AG.  If a 
>> collabarator wants checks in via the grid--the will see the guys 
>> working, but how do you remotely tap a guy on the shoulder to make 
>> him look up from his work to notice you?  The phone works, of course,

>> but a way to ring a bell and/or light up a strobe would be very 
>> usefull to us.
>> Thanks!
>> Brian
>> Tom Coffin wrote:
>>> email notifications via the agscheduler work pretty well.
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>>> At 02:07 PM 4/11/2006, Brian Tieman wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> We're hoping to use the AG in more of an "always on" environment 
>>>> for collaboration with users.  We'd be doing this at an 
>>>> experimental facility where people will generally be paying more 
>>>> attention to the facility equipment than a random user who may pop 
>>>> in to collaborate, monitor, etc...And so we're looking for 
>>>> something like a doorbell or telephone ringer that would alert 
>>>> someone at the facility that a remote collaborator may wish to chat

>>>> with them.
>>>> Has anyone implemented something like this?  I can think of a 
>>>> couple of ways to go about it, but thought if anyone had a 
>>>> "standard" solution, we could just glom onto that.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Brian Tieman
>>>> Advanced Photon Source
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