[AG-TECH] RAT over wireless

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Mon Apr 10 16:30:49 CDT 2006


I've got a collaborator running into problems with  RAT point-to-point
tests over a wireless grid network.  I don't see that the 2 systems they
are using are an issue, since they are standard PCs and there are no RAT
audio problems over their regular networks.

There's apparently enough latency, jitter, packet-loss over the wireless
network to cause RAT audio to cut in and out.  I checked with them to
make sure that silence suppression is disabled.  It is, so that isn't
contributing to the problem.

Are there any less-obvious RAT configuration changes that may help decrease
audio breakup over this lower than spec network?  No VICs are being run in
their current testing.



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