[AG-TECH] Re: No menu bar on Mac Venue Client

Bennet Vance bennet at cs.dartmouth.edu
Thu Sep 29 10:41:50 CDT 2005

Update:  I found my way to the Test Meeting OK, and succeeded in
establishing audio contact.  From my conversation there I learned that
I should look for the Venue Client menu at the top of my display as is
customary for Mac apps.  So, I understand that now.  I'll now proceed
to work on getting my video going.



that I should look for the menu bar at the top
At 11:09 on 29 Sep 2005, Bennet Vance said:
> Greetings.  Yesterday I installed AG on a Mac PowerBook G4 running
> OS 10.3.9.  I've been fiddling with the Venue Client and am trying to
> set up a video producer using an iSight plugged into the PowerBook.
> The Venue Client documentation refers to a main menu on the Venue
> Client window.  My Venue Client window resembles the screen shots in
> the documentation in most respects, but there is no menu bar across
> the top in mine.  So far I haven't found anything in the documentation
> that accounts for the discrepancy.  Is there additional configuration
> I need to do to get the menu bar to appear?
> Also, it would be great if I could connect to the Test Meeting at the
> Argonne National Laboratory Institutional Venue.  If I'm not mixed up,
> that should be taking place right now.  I'm connected to the default
> venue (the Venue Server Lobby) at vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000, but that
> doesn't seem to be the right place.  Any tips?
> Thanks!
> Bennet

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