[AG-TECH] RE: is AGConnector bidirectional?

NamGon Kim ngkim at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Wed Sep 28 20:58:32 CDT 2005

Dear Andrew,

I designed AG Connector to work under NAT/Firewall.
It is bidirectional and it uses only one port number.

If you're using just NAT, then it should work.
And if you're using firewall, then you need to open the port number
AGConnector is using, 8010.

If you need a help in using AGConnector, let me know.


Namgon Kim
Netmedia Lab, GIST, KOREA

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Subject: is AGConnector bidirectional?

I tried AGConnector from behind a NAT firewall and was able to see/hear
streams in venues, but they were not able to see/hear me. Is this
service supposed to work in both directions?

If so, it could be a killer app for getting around firewalls!

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