[AG-TECH] AGConnector

Mike Daley Mike.W.Daley at cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Tue Sep 27 04:57:26 CDT 2005

To all
As a general comment. I would just like to say that AGConnector works 
very very well. Its worth considering if you have multicast problems.
I have used this during the summer under various conditions and have 
found it to be very reliable and for some reason much better than 
Unicast bridging.
In particular its very good at low bandwidth. If I use Unicast from home 
via broadband at 512 I am unable to receive any video. If I use 
AGConnector it works just fine and I receive all the video streams.
I would just like to thank Namgon Kim for this piece of software. I hope 
that it continues to be supported.
All the best

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