[AG-TECH] AG certificate and acct.

Eric Olson eolson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Sep 26 11:11:57 CDT 2005

Hi Dan,
If you remember your password, your certificate is on the computer where 
you requested it.  If you start the VenueClient there, you should see it 
when you select "Preferences, Certficate Management...".  If you need to 
use the certificate on another computer, you can export it into files 
that you can then copy elsewhere.

If you don't remember the password, you can request another certificate 
with the same name to get a new password.

Whenever you need a new certificate right away, requesting an 
"Anonymous" certificate (instead of "identity" certificate) is the 
fastest way to get a certificate and use the AccessGrid. You only need 
an identity certificate if your certificate name is being used to let 
you enter meetings or your institution expects you to use one.

Where to request a certificate:
I suspect you're using windows XP, so: from the Start Menu -> All 
Applications, there is an "Access Grid" entry.  Select "Request a New 
Certificate" from the menu.  Linux and Mac have similar menus.
Requesting a certificate is also an option in the main "VenueClient" 
application, under the "Preferences" menu.

After hitting "Next", you may select "Anonymous" if you need a 
certificate immediately or don't plan to have secure meetings.

If your Access Grid node has multiple computers you'll need to repeat 
this process on the other computer(s), or export your certificate to a 
file, copy it to the other computer(s), and import it there.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Dan Copher wrote:
> Hope you can help me out. I believe I got an AG acct. and certificate 
> (for AG nodes) a while back, but I'm not sure. However, I can't find the 
> certificate or remember my acct name or password for 
> http://www.accessgrid.org). How can get both verified or recreated ? I 
> work with Tom Coffin at NCSA/ACCESS center but he is not in 
> today---Thanks for the help...AG newbee .. Dan C.
> ____________________________
> | Dan Copher
> | Systems Engineer
> | NCSA \ ACCESS-DC - University of Illinois
> | dcopher at ncsa.uiuc.edu

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