[AG-TECH] IBM Cell - Access Grid Seminar

Lee Margetts Lee.Margetts at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Sep 20 03:51:13 CDT 2005

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ESNW/MRCCS Seminar Announcement

"Cell Processors: Motivation, Architecture, Design, Programming and
Applications "

Thursday 22nd September 2005, 1400-1500 BST (UTC/GMT + 1 hour)

Venue: Room 1.10 (ESNW Access Grid) Kilburn Building
Guest Chair Andrew.m.jones at manchester.ac.uk

Access Grid joining instructions can be found by following
the seminar link at:



Dr. H. Peter Hofstee
Chief architect of the Cell Synergistic Processor and Cell chief
IBM Systems and Technology Group

This talk will present the Cell processor, jointly developed
by the STI partnership. Cell is a non-homogeneous chip
multiprocessor intended for general-purpose applications but
with a particular emphasis on multimedia performance.

The Cell processor combines a 64bit Power Architecture(TM)
core with 8 Synergistic Processors. In many cases delivers
more than an order of magnitude more performance than
conventional PC processors. Cell achieves this performance and
power efficiency improvement by a new division of labor
between the Power core and the Synergistic Processors. Cell
allows for a wide variety of programming models, a selection
of which will be presented in this talk. We will end the talk
by discussing some applications that seem to fit the Cell
processor particularly well, and by indicating areas of
further exploration.


Dr Lee Margetts
High Performance Computing
University of Manchester


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