[AG-TECH] Fedora Core 4 - VIC and RAT problem

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Sep 16 19:34:48 CDT 2005

Hi Nikhil,

> I've just upgraded my OS(Fedora core 3) to Fedora 4 .whenever  I
> run VenueClient on my machine I do not get Vic or Rat starting up.
> Can someone help me in this matter?

The FC3 vic and rat don't run on FC4 due to library version number
differences. You can delete the FC3 vic and rat by issuing:

   rm -rm ~/.AccessGrid/local_services

FC4 vic and rat will be installed under the above dir when the FC4
version of the VenueClient is run. But, make sure you have the FC4
AccessGrid-2.4-3.i386.rpm installed. You can check by issuing:
   rpm -ql AccessGrid | grep python
if you get lines with /usr/lib/python2.3, then you have the FC3 RPM


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