[AG-TECH] Video Capture Card Compatibility?

John Langkals langkals at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Tue Sep 6 23:00:30 CDT 2005

Hello John,

My personal choice is the Matrox G450 video card (dual head).  I have just
gone through a similar review with tremendous suggestions being made by the
AG Tech list. Thank you AG Tech list.  I recommend checking out the list
archives. Check out last months as well, looking for the subject heading
video cards. There are other related threads, so do not limit yourself to
one serving. The archives are a virtual buffet.  It's a fantastic read for
everyone.  Video cards and the Access Grid are developing very fast.  Don't
be surprised when these product suggestions become out dated.


Thank you,


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I am attempting to build a Windows XP based AG node and have purchased
the latest ATI All in Wonder X600P graphics card and am having issues
with VIC not seeing the Sony EVI-D100 attached to it. I am using the 2.4
version of AGTK, is there a more recent hardware compatibility list
available? This video card uses the ATI Rage Theater Chipset. Can anyone
offer a suggestion?

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