[AG-TECH]Question About Audio/Video Freezing

John Langkals langkals at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Mon Oct 31 21:44:34 CST 2005

Hello AGTech,


I experienced numerous audio and video freeze ups during a conference today.
I was connected over multicast into Optiverse over the NCSA this morning and
successfully tested before the event began. The audio and video froze up at
the same time and the bit rate went to zero.  In a few minutes the audio and
video returned.  I did not need to reconnect into the venue. The site that
was hosting the seminar reported no freeze up on their end.  From your
experience would this suggest multicast failure between NCSA and our site or
just at our site?  Would it have helped to bridge Unicast in this case?


Ultimately this is difficult to debug without giving you more concrete data
but from your experiences, what could have been going on?   I would have
expected to have been disconnected from the venue and require reconnecting
to the room.


I do have one other piece of information to add.  Most every time I connect
in a venue with this site, I do not see them come up in VIC but I do see
them in RAT.  Although I don't see this site in VIC, I get all their video
streams.  Interesting.


Thank you,





John Langkals

Systems Manager


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