[AG-TECH] AG Testing today (for visiting Academics)

Matthew Rendell matthew.rendell at flinders.edu.au
Sun Oct 30 15:47:03 CST 2005

Hi guys

I believe that the testing session for today (31/10/05) has been cancelled

We have some visiting academics coming in to check out our Access Grid 
at 1pm SA time (12:30pm Queensland time,  2pm Vic, NSW time)

I was hoping if anyone is available, if they could jump in the AP lobby, 
just so we have someone to say hi and show the academics what an AG can 
do, that would be fantastic



Matthew Rendell
Technical Theatre Support - Access Grid Operator
Theatre Support, Information Services Division

Flinders University, Adelaide SA

Phone: 08 8201 5728

matthew.rendell at flinders.edu.au

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