[AG-TECH] I2 Multicast Problems?

David Mitchell mitchell at ucar.edu
Thu Oct 27 17:08:28 CDT 2005


I was wondering if other folks are seeing any multicast problems? I've 
been pulling my hair out this afternoon trying to debug intermittent 
connectivity for our AG node at NCAR. It cycles up and down on a regular 
basis. We receive fine for two minutes, stop for three, etc. etc. The 
cycle repeats over and over. What's really weird is that our ability to 
receive traffic cycles in sync with changes in the OIL for the traffic 
we are sending. I would write all of this off as some strange timer 
issue inside of our network, but I took a look at the core route proxy 
for Abilene's DNVRng. Our AG node is currently in the NCSA Lobby venue, 
which usually has a fair number of steady transmitters in it. But a 
'show multicast route group extensive' show almost all 
sources as having a 0pps traffic rate. Which seems a little odd. Is 
anybody else experiencing problems? I'd like to be able to rule out any 
known larger issues before I did any deeper into our LAN. Any help would 
be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

-David Mitchell

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