[AG-TECH] encryption protocols

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Wed Oct 26 11:51:37 CDT 2005

Hi Julie,

 From what I understand under windows and linux (ie: the original UCL  
code), vic take advantage of encryption from the common library to  
provide rijndael and AES encrypted data streams. (don't know the  
number of bits)

This of-course is not the case under osx since it uses (I think) the  
mash variant of the code that did not get funded to add the  
functionality in time.


On 26-Oct-05, at 12:35 PM, Julia Mullen wrote:

> Hi -
> The security folks here at Lincoln are wondering what protocols we use
> for encryption -
> in those instances when we encrypt audio and video.  Can anyone tell
> me - or point me
> to the appropriate document?
> Many thanks,
>    Julie

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