[AG-TECH] Greyed Vic Windows

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Tue Oct 25 16:11:18 CDT 2005

Hey all - looking for help/suggestions...

I've just helped a user set up a new personal node and he is reporting an odd problem with vic.

We successfully set up a VideoService and restarted video.  From my side (the remote side), all is
working well.  I can see the person's video fine, so the camera is working well and vic is properly
sending the camera feed out.

The problem is on his side (the local side).  The video feeds (and thumbnails) on his side are
greyed out. Before you suggest he's using a videoproducer service instead of a videoservice - or has
the sources muted, this isn't the case.  It is definitely a video service, and in fact, we've run
vic from the command line and have had the same experience.  The 'mute' buttons are NOT activated;
however the symptoms are identical to that.  Toggling the mute buttons does nothing.

One of extenuating circumstance that may be affecting this is that the user is in France - and is
using a French language version of Windows.... not sure if this would affect things, but thought I'd
throw it out there anyway.

Anyone seen this behavior before?  Its AG2.4 with recommended python, wxpython etc - and other
videoconferencing technologies (netmeeting) work fine.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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