[AG-TECH] High packet loss audio

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 20 11:49:52 CDT 2005

	Hi John,

	What version of RAT are you using? I've had no problems enabling 
redundant transmission on Linux or Windows. I've done so a number of 
times to help with bad networks. I'm using the bundled versions of RAT 
with AG 2.3, and now 2.4 under Windows.
	For those that haven't tried it: In RAT's options, select the 
'Transmission' page, and click 'Redundancy' and 1 for packet offset. Hit 
apply and your transmission rate will double. It's worth noting here 
that the option to transmit redundant audio is not 'sticky' for when RAT 
is reloaded. Even though the 'redundancy' option is still selected, it 
needs to be applied yet again in order for it to work.


John Hodrien wrote:
> Trying that one again after the first one was lost...
> Has anyone got any advice for dealing with accessgrid over a high packet 
> loss
> connection?  Tweaking settings in rat to do with redundancy just make it
> crash, and I'm at a loss to know what to do.  Skype seems to cope much 
> better.
> jh

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