[AG-TECH] Questions about remote presentation technology software

Hank Magnuski hankm at ncast.com
Mon Oct 17 11:04:27 CDT 2005

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, John Langkals wrote:

> Hello AG Tech,
> What technology do you prefer to display a presentation over the Access
> Grid?

Since we're listing commercial and non-commercial solutions to this 
problem, let me add my company's product to the reponses.

NCast makes a hardware encoder that captures RGB/DVI input from any laptop 
or desktop and multicasts it or unicasts it as an MPEG-4 media stream. We 
can broadcast native XGA resolution at 25 frames/second which allows 
embedded videos or any type of animation to look very smooth.

An external capture system like this enables any presenter with a 
Windows, Macintosh or Linux laptop to simply walk up to the podium, plug 
in and be on the air. The capture and compression system is external to 
and does not interfere with the presentation software running on the 
speaker's laptop. No special software needs to be loaded on the 
presentation machine and clients need only an MPEG-4 capable player to 
view the results.

More info at:


Contact me off-list for any additional questions.


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