[AG-TECH] Questions about remote presentation technology software

John Langkals langkals at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Fri Oct 14 15:53:24 CDT 2005

Thank you very much for your responses.

My concern about using the Shared Presentation is if the venue goes down so
does the presentation.  It's a time saver bringing up just the venue or just
the external presentation.

I have noticed slow updates for presentation in the external VNC model.  

***An additional question would be what presentation technology could be
considered for use to transmit presentations with embedded video?  If the
refresh rate for page updates is slow, video will (does) show up with a
great deal of latency.

Thank you,

John Langkals

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On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, monika.k.rabarison at ccaix.jsums.edu wrote:

> John,
> So far, we have been using Shared Presentation without problem.

We found Shared Presentation to be painfully slow at passing on page
and I assume there's no way to interface with insors users?

I was going to look at ScreenStreamer, but have not yet had the time.


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