[AG-TECH] RAT volume slider problem

Matthew Rendell matthew.rendell at flinders.edu.au
Wed Nov 30 15:39:19 CST 2005

We have a similar problem on our Windows XP Access Grid

It seems to happen when service pack 2 (?) is rolled out... The talk and 
listen buttons used to work independantly but now it seems that when you 
turn of the talk, the listen drops out approx 2 seconds later... It also 
seems that even with the talk level down to 0, the mics still transmit..

This may have been caused by the rebuilding of the audio computer onto a 
different motherboard (as the other one failed) and I will see if it 
still happens when we rebuild it with the original spec mobo..



Matthew Rendell
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Flinders University, Adelaide SA

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matthew.rendell at flinders.edu.au

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