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Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 29 08:46:15 CST 2005


I'm forwarding this to the AG-Tech mailing list.  Unfortunately, I'm 
having trouble understanding what you need.  Perhaps there is someone on 
the list that can communicate in your native language...  Otherwise, 
please try to be more precise about the problem.  Tell us what steps you 
are taking and what results you expect and the actual results you get.


Michael Miller

CIP-Access Grid (CIP) wrote:

>I try to connect AG over Internet2. My IP address is, but i don't have DNS to connect directly to websites.  I don't know how to connect to Venue Servers within DNS? what i need.. DNS? certificate?   I need some help in this theme
>If you know anybody who can help me, please send me the mail from this person
>In internet standark AG works correctly
>>Claudio M. Canturin B.
>>Special Projects AG - Information Technology Unit
>>International Potato Center - CIP
>>Av. La Molina 1895 - La Molina
>>Phone: 511-3496017 Ext 3333


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