[AG-TECH] Upgrade to AGCentral node listings ...

Darran Edmundson darran.edmundson at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 3 21:41:32 CST 2005

Hi All,

A minor update to the software responsible for the node
listings on the community portal.  Bug fixes and features

- Aggregate listing now renders properly for Internet Explorer

- If a node has a photo, the listing appears with a small camera icon

- AGTk 2.4 is a possible choice for "node type".  If you are running  
   version of the toolkit but your listing still says 2.3, please update
   your listing.

- There is now a listbox for indicating your most commonly used
   Venue Server.

Please post constructive criticism and feature requests in the
portal forums http://agcentral.org/forums/misc/agcentral.  If your
feedback doesn't get posted there, it likely won't get acted upon.


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