[AG-TECH] Video Capture Card Misery

Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Thu Nov 3 14:32:34 CST 2005

I have gotten multiple Hauppauge Win TV capture cards to work on Windows XP.
I bought the cards in 2001.  They came with CDs.  I used the CD to install
the cards.  The tricks are simple:
                        Don't run the AG Venue Client yet,
                        Manually run VIC program for the number of cards,
                        Configure (configure on transmit) each VIC program
to capture video from a camera,
                        Close VIC programs, and
                        Run the AG Venue Client.
Since VIC programs remember the last configuration, they will pick up your
cameras correctly.  
I did not have to choose the devices when I changed the room.
I don't use these cards any more.  Since I have new machines, and they have
PCI-X slots.  I use Osprey 230.  This is much better.
Let me know if you want to try this old Hauppauge driver.
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Anybody, ever installed a Hauppauge WinTV video capture card on a WinXP Pro
SP2  that actually WORKED with the AG Venue client??? I have spent days with
this thing and I am desperate here. What other cards do you have for this
particular setup that works for you?
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