[AG-TECH] Video Capture Card Misery

Ben Ware bware at utk.edu
Thu Nov 3 12:39:31 CST 2005

I believe we use 4 of the WinTV cards in our XP SP2 machine, but it did 
take some work to get it going.  We actually had to use a different 
driver for them, no Hauppauge driver did the trick, so we are using the 
BtPCI WDM driver, which I found on Google.  If memory serves, you 
install this and then actually pick which of many cards you have from a 
list.  The only snag we have now that this is installed is that when you 
enter a venue and have more than one video source you are trying to 
send, you have to go to that machine and manually select each card to 
match up with each service each time, because for some reason the 
service trys to just pull all video inputs from the same card until you 
tell it otherwise.  Until you do that each time, it simply sends one 
video input.
I do also remember that we could only have one of the WinTV cards 
installed into a slightly older machine, still running XP SP2.  For some 
reason if I put more than 1 in, it gave me resource conflicts even 
though I had free resources.
But since you can't get even one card to work, from the sounds of it, 
then I would try using the above driver.  If you need me to, I think I 
saved it and I could send it to you later on this afternoon.
I hope that helps - Ben

Nagykaldi, Zsolt F. (HSC) wrote:

> Anybody, ever installed a Hauppauge WinTV video capture card on a 
> WinXP Pro SP2  that actually WORKED with the AG Venue client??? I have 
> spent days with this thing and I am desperate here. What other cards 
> do you have for this particular setup that works for you?
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