[AG-TECH] install vtkNetwork

liying liying at vrlab.buaa.edu.cn
Sun May 29 22:43:54 CDT 2005

   now i am trying to install vtknetwork pakage on platform fedora core 1,because its installation needs prerequisites such as ACE5.1,FLXmitter,certainly vtk but version 3.2,i have completed the ACE installation,but the latest beta version ACE+TAO+CIAO,and the FLXmitter pakage,up to this, all goes well,but i run into the trouble that the vtk3.2 builds reports error!my work was held up here,i also have tried to use vtk4.0 or later,but vtknetwork seems not to support it,so i must build vtk3.2,is it because vtk3.2`s version is so late that fedora core 1 doesn`t support?
   Desperately need any help,thank you in advance!

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