[AG-TECH] Cert Expired

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu May 26 10:10:40 CDT 2005


Certificates requested from the AG Developers CA are signed manually.  Our goal is to
maintain a two-day turnaround; looking back at the signing history, we normally do much
better than that.  The process has not been automated because we have been trying to
provide some level of identity assurance, instead of just issuing certs blindly.

In most cases, people care more about using the software than being properly identified.
For this reason, the software includes support for requesting certificates from an
Anonymous CA.  These requests _are_ signed automatically, with the resulting certificate
available for import immediately.  If you need a certificate in a rush, this is the way to

This question has come up enough times that I've added this detail to the FAQ page, which
I plan to have better maintained in the future.  If you have suggestions for other
information to add there, let me know.


On 05/25/05 14:41, Derek Piper wrote:
>     For some reason it seems to take days to get certificate approvals.
> I had a cert request made last Friday that was only approved at 10am
> today. Then again I had another request made Monday that was approved
> around 10am today too. Is the certificate approval just something
> someone does every now and then when they feel like it? Can this not be
> automated? If I have a registration already, why would I need to wait a
> long time to get a replacement cert?
>     Derek
> Nathan McQueen wrote:
>> Hello my name is Nate McQueen and I’m with the University of
>> Washington. My cert expired yesterday and I need to host an event
>> tomorrow. Could someone at Argonne approve my cert request in the next
>> hour or so? We would like to do some testing this afternoon for
>> tomorrows event. Thanks!
>> Nate

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