[AG-TECH] Very special multi-machine node

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Tue May 24 11:31:59 CDT 2005

Our nodes here at the IRMACS facility at SFU use G5's for the main display 
(dual out on one, quad out on another) and Linux boxes for capture.

It seems in general the Mac version runs a little slower - but overall they 
work great for display nodes.


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Todd Zimmerman - toddz at sfu.ca

Darin Oman wrote:
> Has anybody played with a multi-machine node that included a Mac in the 
> mix? Even more interesting to me - has anybody tried a Mac/Windows 
> combination? I suppose it should work just like any other node 
> connecting service managers and all, but I'm curious to hear about 
> real-life experiences.
> Darin

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