[AG-TECH] AccessGrid 3: What information is available

Colin Perkins csp at csperkins.org
Tue May 24 12:48:11 CDT 2005

On 24 May 2005, at 17:55, Robert Olson wrote:
>> And assuming that the OS was a realtime OS and thus could actually  
>> provide
>> timing assurances to applications.
> I know as of a couple years ago the hardcore linux audio folks were  
> doing exactly this; I don't know the current state of the realtime  
> mods for linux.
> Anyone know if XP or MacOS provides any such support?

They all provide limited real-time support. I can't speak for the vic  
folks, but for rat we intentionally ignored this support, since it  
exposes a number of security issues (you have to make the application  
suid root and carefully drop privileges after enabling real-time  
scheduling) and didn't seem to offer much benefit.


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