[AG-TECH] Error message starting the Venue Client

Jan Göbel j.goebel at fh-mannheim.de
Fri May 20 02:59:13 CDT 2005

Hello Everybody,
Our AG- System consist of two Computers, a Linux- powered Video- Capture
and Audio machine and a Windows powered display machine. An AG-
Servicemanager is running on the linux machine providing the services
for the windows display computer. Starting the venueclient on the
windows display computer the following error message is beeing
Following non-fatal problems have occured when you entered the venue:
Error connecting media tools
Does anyone of you know a solution for this problem
Thank you !
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Jan Göbel
Institut für CAE- Anwendungen
Fachbereich Maschinenbau
Fachhochschule Mannheim
Windeckstraße 110
68163 Mannheim
Tel.: +49(0)621 292 6549
Fax:  +49(0)621 292 6481
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