[AG-TECH] New SUSE 9.3 AGTk 2.3 RPMs

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon May 16 02:29:55 CDT 2005


AGTk 2.3 RPMs for SUSE 9.3 can be found here:

- added /usr/bin/VenueVNCServer.py
issue 'VenueVNCServer.py --help' for usage

- SharedPresentation updated for OpenOffice 2.0

- AudioService now has a 'AC97 OSS fix' option.
If you have a AC97 soundcard and you are using the OSS driver or the OSS 
compatibility layer of ALSA, you can force rat into AC97 mode by enabling 
this option.

- VideoService and VideoProducerService now have sliders for contrast, 
brightness, hue and saturation.
This is primarily intended for video capture cards based on the Conexant 
2388x chip family using the cx88 V4L2 driver, where adjustment is required 
for a decent picture.

- Hauppauge WinTV cx88 specific fix for vic.
The Hauppauge WinTV cx88 driver has an input called 'for debug only' which 
would confuse vic, which would treat it as 3 inputs (i.e. 'for', 'debug' & 
'only') thus preventing 'Composete1' and 'S-Video' from being selected 

I will maybe this week also create Fedora RPMs based on the above changes 
and also put some of the changes into the AG CVS.


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