[AG-TECH] Personal Access Grid Audio

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Tue May 10 08:50:39 CDT 2005

	I don't know if it's the lot you were thinking of, but we use 
GlobalMedia's 'Roadwarrior' kit for personal nodes and it's pretty 


	The 'planar' speakers they sell are a bit better than the small ones in 
the kit, but you can buy the camera and echo-cancelling microphone 
separately so you don't have to waste money on the small speakers.


Jason Wood wrote:
> Hi,
>     I have a vague recollection of a microphone/speaker combo that
> had builtin echo cancellation that people were using for personal
> access grids, is this correct or have a dreamt it ? If it is real
> can someone remind me of the name of the model and company that
> produces it. Also, does anyone have any experience of such devices
> or alternative strategies for audio for PIGs other than headphone/
> headmic sets.
> ------------
> jason

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