[AG-TECH] Osprey Video Capture Cards, Firewire Cameras

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Fri Jul 29 09:56:34 CDT 2005

Hi Allan,

Yep, Osprey 100 works like a charm. I just (yesterday) delivered a 3- 
in/4-out single machine node with a matrox QID pci-express card and 3  
Osprey 100's plus a M-Audio 4x6 Audiophile Firewire external  
soundcard (since the built-in Intel ultra high fidelity sound chip  
does not seem to work with RAT). In short yes :-)

About firewire video you have to be careful. Firewire DV camera's  
(mini-DV Cams, isight) transmit raw DV over firewire. This works  
perfectly on the MAC, since Quicktime does it's magic and VIC only  
"sees" videoframes for it to transmit. It doesn't work on PC's  
(unless you have this older piece of software from OrangeMicro that  
sorta does what quicktime is doing in mac-land in winxp....used to  
cost 30 bucks). There are also a whole other class of Firewire  
Webcams out there (OrangeMicro used to make one and also UniBrain  
makes one). They produce pixel data (ie: in winxp they show up as a  
capture device) so they can be used with VIC (again OSX also works,  
since quicktime is taking care of all this for you).

Now you can use multiple firewire web-cam's in XP (haven't tried it  
with OSX)  the only trouble is that the first VIC client will tie up  
the default driver which will force the subsequent VIC clients to  
present you with the dreaded "tell me which driver you like me to  
use" pull down window. This would have been fine if the driver guys  
(for FW webcams) were as "smart" as the guys at viewcast - they  
number their driver entries in XP so you can tell which driver goes  
with which card - but they aren't (atleast not yet).

Anyways.....hope this is not too confusing.....have fun :-)

On 28-Jul-05, at 4:02 PM, aspale1 wrote:

> Hello,
> Although I have looked on the Viewcast website for the differences  
> between
> Osprey 100 and Osprey 210, I would like to know if AGTk would  
> support the
> Osprey 100 video capture card as well as the Osprey 210 has been
> supported.
> Also, I would like to know how well AGTk supports Firewire cameras.  
> I have
> reviewed some old ag-tech e-mails and noticed that there are sites  
> that
> have tried to use Firewire cameras. If there are sites using Firewire
> cameras or webcams, I would be interested in knowing what model you  
> are
> using and if you are using Windows XP SP2.
> Thanks for your help.
> Allan
> National Center for Data Mining
> University of Illinois at Chicago

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